Drews Place


We know that aging is a natural process and as people progress through life, needs may change. We have an intimate understanding of these changes and want to be a "helping hand" whenever we can.

When you walk through the front door, you will experience the feeling of hospitality. The surroundings and decor have been choosen to promote warmth, comfort and good memories. While we provide full assisted living services, we are not a hotel or resort, but a place where you will be treated like family. We want to extend you the gentle courtesies of life.

We are a place where relationships are cultivated and an easy lifestyle is provided. We strive to recognize you as a unique individual with a rich history. At our places, we know what you like in your coffee or prefer in your tea.

We understand that changing living arrangements may be difficult. Our experience and expertise will support you through these changes and assist you in realizing that the benefits you gain will far outweigh the things you give up. We will strive to see that you feel secure and know that you have a companion whenever you need one.

We've earned a reputation in our communities as being friendly and competent. We understand that when our name is on a place, we have a lot at stake. At our places, you will never hear, "that's not my job; I will see if I can find someone." We make a personal commitment to see that your needs will be met.

Come to a place where you can laugh with friends, get hugs when you need them, and are offered assistance as changing needs arise.

We extend a warm welcome.... from our family to yours.